Protect Marriage Maryland



*** 2016 PRIMARY *** 


5 REASONS to Protect Marriage

Marriage exists in nature & predates church & state.
A mother & father are needed to know your ROOTS.
Re-defining marriage forces cooperation with sin.
Homosexuality is not genetic; ex-gays are real.
Gender matters & government must respect that.




The government which ought to protect the rights of the People has become our oppressor.  Our rights of conscience and religious freedom have been stripped from us in the name of perverted "equality."  The government has made someone's private bedroom behavior and gender confusion the equivalent of the immutable qualities of one's race or skin color, and has abolished the rights of individuals to run a business or remain employed while holding basic religious views that have long stood as the foundation of faith and morality.  Governments across the United States have forcd business owners to photograph, provide cakes for, and otherwise participate in same-sex ceremonies at the threat of steep fines and legal prosecution.  Christains, Jews, Muslims, and others of observant religious faith are thereby forced into involuntary servitude by every government which adopts this policy.  This country was founded by those who sought to protect observant religious worhip, rather than destroy their faith.  Protect Marriage Maryland forms part of the resistance.  We are the "Underground Railroad" of this generation, determined to win our freedom!


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